Calipso Dive Center have the infrastructure necessary to carry out our diving operations both in Bahía Granate and Isla Aguja, as exclusive SAFARIS, in the Centre of the Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona (PNNT) where we have a camp located in Playa Del Amor at Bahía Gaíraca, a place to rest. This beach also carries activities for the conservation and protection of the environment in coordination with the PNNT among which are cleaning days, actions against the proliferation of the lionfish and at this time with the collaboration of the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano perform a project aimed at the recovery of coral species affected in the Tayrona Park, which has the name CORAL NURSERY.


We have all personal diving equipment from attachments such as masks and Snorkel to specialized equipment as regulators and buoyancy compensating vests, which are necessary for all of our activities with emphasis in environmental education.

You can use all of our equipment and get ready to be a specialist in the proper management and use of every bit of diving we have in our facilities.


We have navigation equipment which allows us to get to the different dive sites we use in Bahía Granate or Isla Aguja, as well as our exclusive points in Bahía Gairaca.

In addition, we have all the support team for any eventuality that may occur in our activities. We are ready to assist your needs.


We have specialized divers with a high level of commitment during guided dives, also serve as guide in your learning process at any level you want to start with us.

Our team always seeks to give you the best experience in all of our activities with an emphasis on environmental education.