Privacy and data protection
All the information that you place on our web site at the time of registration or fill out forms of billing is addressed directly to our accounts and through our line of security, this information is not forwarded to third parties. It is stored in our database

Aspects that should be considered in relevant way when making transactions on the Internet

  • To avoid that the customer/user may be subject of cheating through emails, and other services that steal information. It is recommended to carry out transactions directly out of the known domains of the page.
  • It is recommended that transactions are made on a desktop of trust (Home/office, etc) to prevent the information is taken by software spies installed without prior knowledge.

Use of cookie technology
This travel agency reserves the right to use the so-called «cookies» in any kind of use of the website. Cookies are small data files that are generated in the user’s computer and which allow us to know the following information:

  • The date and time of the last time the user visited our website.
  • The design of contents that the user chose in its sight to our website.
  • Security elements involved in controlling access to restricted areas.
  • However, he informs users of the possibility of discarding such use at your computer terminal. Through these «cookies» other users once registered can see whether or not you are connected and so contact you with greater fluidity and speed.

Of bookings made via the internet

  1. reservations
    All reservation requests must be done through:

    • and portal of direct messages
    • Phone: + (57 – 5) 4219146-3156843075
    • E-MAIL:; or;
  2. changes in the reserve
    You can change any date agreed for the provision of the service with 24 hours before the start of the activity, provided that is not product with discount, without any penalty. Notifications of changes in the reservation must be made through our office 24 hours prior to the start of the activity or via; Phone: + (57 – 5) 4219146-3156843075,
  3. cancellation of reservations
    1. a given the case that CALIPSO DIVE CENTER cancel or notify the impossibility for the provision of the service will reset consensus consumer rescheduling on a next day service. 100% of the payments received up to the time of cancellation by the consumer will be returned from not being chosen by the consumer. The terms for the return of the money, are 30 days from the non-provision of the service.
    2. cancellation of the service by consumers
      All services can be cancelled 24 hours in advance. The cancellation of the already reserved services involves the generation of a percentage of administrative costs, policies of Calipso Dive Center are limited to the following:

        • If the products were purchased with 29 or less days in advance
        • Products with discount

      – Purchased 60 days in advance (purchase with 20% discount)
      – Buyer 30 days in advance (10% off purchase

      Days’ notice on termination of service

      Percentage of return on the value paid to the date of cancellation

      1-10 days


      16-30 days


      31-45 days


      46- mas days


    3. The terms for the return of the money, are 30 days from the non-provision of the service.
    4. «Non-attendance» or cancellation of a service failure will result in 100% charge for the service, which means that there will be no refund.
    5. All cancellations must be made by the person who made the reservation. We do not accept calls from third parties on behalf of the person. This is to protect you from a false person who wants to cancel their services and does incurring disadvantages.
  4. cancellation of services due to illness or calamity domestic:
    In cases in which the contracting of the service suffering from illness or domestic calamity and the magnitude of it hinders him to receive the service already booked on the date set, Calypso is committed to the reprogramming of the service free of charge In addition, provided with document check the veracity of the causal here described.
  5. impossibility of completing the course
    In cases in which customer-own issues can not finish the course already started, and that to the detriment of the same will not have completed dives or the fulfillment of all the skills required by NAUI educational standards for the certification of the course that started, Calipso Dive Center declares that customers are entitled to complete dive and/or acquire the mentioned skills that canceled the pecuniary values at one later date not more than 6 months without prejudice to incurring costs further, such date must be previously agreed between the customer and Calipso Dive Center is developing diving activities.
  6. In cases in which customers completing dips and attending kinds lent and agreed in the purchase, have not attained skills and/or abilities object of their learning to consideration of the instructors, the client may not be certified and You must perform additional dives to obtain their certification, by supporting the costs so incurred.

Deposits and payments
Deposits and payments for reservation will be requested by a value corresponding to 30% of the total value of the service to book per person in low season, high season will be a value corresponding to 50% of the total value of the service book. If payments are not received in the agreed date are not consumers of concepts or conditions of guarantees here willing to participate.


Responsibility of CALIPSO DIVE CENTER

Calipso Dive Center declares that all of the arrangements made for transportation, excursions and lodging, services have been made on the express condition that will not be responsible for any injury, accident, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity It can occur either by reason or deficiency of any vehicle or by an act of default of any company or person engaged in transporting passengers or meet the agreed services arrangements. Or otherwise in connection with any hotel or employee owner Calipso Dive Center will not accept any responsibility for loss or accidental expenses due to delays or strikes, wars, quarantines, conditions of climate or other causes.
General terms and conditions

Once the reservation is requested from any of our published services on our Web site, special offers, special promotions, or brochures, is fully established that both the passenger and travel agent, accept each of the conditions exposed by Calipso Dive Center in your current Web site.


We reject exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and sexual abuse with a minor and contributing to the implementation of the code of conduct – law 679 of 2001 / 053 Decree of 2002.

We do not support illegal species of flora and fauna, respect and promote the conservation of biodiversity, according to the law 17 of 1981 to prevent, punish and reject any acts that abuse and attempting against the life of the animal species in the country and the law 1333 2009 to avoid the continuation of actions against the environment.

We do not support illegal trade in cultural goods, respect and promote the preservation of our culture, according to the Act 63 of 1986 for the prevention of the illegal traffic of cultural property of the country and the 2008 Bill 1185.